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horseback trips 

Backcountry Cowboy Experience


Includes: 4 days riding, 4 nights

lodging, T-F meals 

$2,500 Per Person

inn to inn
horseback trip

Includes: 4 days riding, 1 night

lodging, 3 nights camping, T-F meals

$2,000 Per Person

multi day horseback Camping trip


Backcountry Adventure Destinations

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Pleasant Creek Falls

Pleasant Creek Falls is a picturesque location where Boulder Mountain meets Capitol Reef National Park. Immerse yourself in the heart of beautiful white and red sandstone surrounded by ancient ponderosa pines and the tranquil Pleasant Creek. A great place to dip your toes in the cool water and, listen to the soothing Pleasant Creek Falls as it cuts its way through the sandstone rock. Pleasant Creek is a wonderful trip for families and provides opportunities to play in the water or cool off from the heat.



A Collection Of Our Backcountry Adventures


about us

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The owners

TK Outfitting along with TK Cattle Ranch is owned and operated by Thomas and Kait. Cattle ranching roots run 6 generations deep in their family which offers understanding of local landscape and history. Thomas and Kait are owner/operators of an active cattle ranch in southern Utah and share a passion of the cowboy lifestyle.


TK Outfitting’s intent is to further the enjoyment and tradition of the cowboy way of life by creating and sharing these experiences. Together, Thomas and Kait have over 35 years of equestrian background, training, competing, and working as horse wranglers and guides.

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